The choice of the notary

The notary must be chosen by the parties by mutual agreement or, failing agreement, by the party liable for the payment of fees and reimbursement of expenses advanced by the notary.

In the notarial acts in public or involving banks, if the cost of the deed is not dependent on them, the choice is put rule of the notary to the other party, without good reason. The choice of the notary should not be imposed by other professionals, real estate agents, brokers, etc., They can be recommended only if the client requests it. The choice of the notary should be based on a relationship of trust. As a rule, should be taken into account: the time that the notary personally dedication to customers to ensure their will and the practical purpose they wish to achieve, its ability to advise clients and guide them so that the form and content of deed are those that best achieve their interests, and in view of the practical results they wanted, the way in which he has practiced and observes the law and the code of ethics: in particular, its fairness, diligence and preparation professional, as well as the efficiency of the organization of his study. The choice of the notary should not be determined exclusively by the cost of providing notary. The notary fee is a fee relatively rigid: why the fee for the preparation of the deed does not vary whatever the chosen notary; instead may vary, but modestly, fees and notary fees required for preparatory activities and some obligations after the deed. They can also vary, even significantly, the fees for the consultancy and other professional services not directly related to the notarial deed. For the purposes of a comparison of costs is necessary to take into account the manner in which the various notaries carry out their activities and in particular the time they devote to the personal relationship with clients. In any case, it should be considered that, for a professional performance ( especially in cases of greater complexity), the cost basis is not the best one to choose.