Notaio Gaia NARDONE

Notary Gaia NARDONE

Born in Florence on December 22, 1984. Class of Matura Classical, Liceo Classico Cicognini (Prato), at the end of IV year (July 2002), vote 100/100 with encomium.

In 2002 he was awarded the "Worker's Worker" award, Medal of the President of the Republic as one of the 25 best students in Italy.

Joined in September 2002 at the Faculty of Law, Degree in Juridical Sciences, University of Florence. A three-year degree obtained on 7 July 2005 with 110/110 votes and praise; Thesis in commercial law ("Redeemable actions").

Joined in September 2005 at the biennial Laurea specialistica in giurisprudenza at the faculty of Florence. Degree at the end of the first year (19 April 2007, academic year 2005/6); Thesis in commercial law "Responsibility for failure to launch mandatory opa".

In January 2006, at the inauguration of the academic year, he received a degree from the Magnificent Rector of the University as the best student of the Law Faculty, having completed the studies more urgently, with the average and the vice degree high.

In 2006, he attended the "Expert Expert on Alternative Dispute Resolution" (Prof.ssa Paola Lucarelli), an expert form at the University of Florence.

In the months of September - December 2006 he attended an internship at Chiomenti di Milano with Prof. Cariello, dealing mainly with issues related to company law.

In 2007, 2011 and 2012 he attended the specialization course in "The New Bankruptcy Law", University of Florence (Prof. Iaria Pagni and Prof. Lorenzo Stanghellini).

He earned the title of PhD in Financial Market Law at the University of Milano Bicocca in 2012; Thesis entitled "Management of the Company and Shareholders' Meeting in the Company".

He passed the oral test of the notarial competition with D.D. March 22, 2013 on March 12, 2015, reaching a total score of 260. Pending the publication of the final ranking.

He is currently a lecturer in the field at the Faculty of Law in Florence, where he teaches and teaches teaching and holds lessons in commercial and banking law.

He has been enrolled in the lawyer of Florence since May 2011.

He has a good knowledge of English (2001: First Certified in English at the University of Cambridge, Local Examinations Sindacate, Voting A).



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