Property transfers

Buying a house is always an important step in our lives. Selling a property is also heavy with significance: of investment, transfer of ownership, generational change. In either case, the buying or selling of a property is not something to be taken lightly.

These are in fact extremely complex transactions rife with traps, which cannot be negotiated without expert advice.  
Do you know the extent of the rights and obligations of the seller and the buyer? 
And above all, do you have the juridical knowledge you need to avoid unpleasant surprises, whether you are buying or selling? 
It is precisely to guarantee the highest levels of security and seriousness in the purchase of such high-value goods that almost every modern state has entrusted the task of ensuring a successful outcome in these transactions to a specific legal figure: the notary. A figure characterized by indisputable seriousness, absolute impartiality and considerable professional preparation. 
Indeed, the intervention of the notary as a third party between seller and buyer constitutes a guarantee to both parties by taking on full, unconditional and, especially, onerous responsibility for the successful outcome of every detail of the transaction. 
It is to this end that the notary has the capacity to provide all useful or necessary information for a positive result in the deal. 
The notary has the experience and professional skills to explain all aspects concerning the rights and obligations of both parties in the transaction, offering protection and satisfaction for the interests and expectations of both parties. 

It is therefore important to consult the notary in order to be aware of the potential traps, for both buyer and seller, which could be hidden in an apparently innocuous sales agreement. 
Traps which, unlikely though it seems, can come into play from the moment the decision to buy or sell is made. 
For example, are you aware of the considerable legal consequences arising from a signature on a simple proposal (generally irrevocable) to buy or sell?
Do you have any idea of the obligations which can follow from signing a preliminary contract, even if it is privately drawn up?

So it is essential to make sure you take your first steps in the tricky world of property buying and selling with the right foot: let your trusted notary guide you; he will be able not only to help you achieve your aims securely and to your satisfaction, but also to advise you on the best approach from the fiscal point of view.