The cost of the deed

The cost of the deed includes the fees for the professional activity of the notary and the amount of taxes, fees and expenses payable to the deed and to the activity which by law the notary must perform before and after the signing of the deed.

Taxes due for the deed can be deployed and the notary is obliged to pay them even if he has not received the appropriate amount.

Therefore, by law, the notary may refuse to accept the assignment of a deed and to carry out its activities if before the act does not receive what is due for taxes, for expenses and for his remuneration.

If the customer requests it, the notary must be specified in detail in the parcel costs (taxes, fees, etc..) And the fees due for the deed.

For business consulting and other professional services not directly related to the notarial deed, the notary is entitled to a fee, which can be agreed with the customer, or determined in accordance with the general criteria established by the Chamber of Notaries, also on the basis of rates professional that regulate similar cases or similar materials.